Welcome to Golf Shirts South Africa

Welcome to Golf Shirts South Africa

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of branded golf shirts in South Africa.

Brand Innovation has a wide selection of quality golf shirts that come in a variety of fun, vibrant colours. Light blue, navy, red, lime green, orange, yellow and so many more! Order yours today with a branded company logo for a suberb finish. Branded golf shirts are great for special events and are perfect as part of your corporate uniform. Brand Innovation supplies many well-known brands such as The Gary Player Collection, Slazenger, POLO and many more. Our collection of quality golf shirts look flattering on everyone. Contact Brand Innovation and our friendly staff will be happy to assist with all your corporate needs. Order corporate golf shirts today.

Brand innovation is a golf shirt supplier in South Africa for leading sportswear brands

Brand innovation is a golf shirt supplier in South Africa for leading sportswear brands

Do you have any special events coming up?

Our range of branded golf shirts can be used for all type of events. Our golf shirts are high-quality and your staff will look smart throughout the event. Slazenger is a well-known and trusted British sporting brand. The Slazenger brand is used at popular events such as The Wimbledon Tennis Championships. We think our Slazenger golf shirts will be perfect for your special events. Contact Brand Innovation to order branded slazenger golf shirts

3 Reasons why we love the Slazenger Victory Ladies Golf Shirt:

  1. The shirt comes in 5 exciting colours. Black, red, navy, white and blue.
  2. The golf shirt is form-fitting and flattering on all body shapes
  3.  The Slazenger Victory Ladies Golf Shirt is high-quality and high-performance
  4. This product is made from technical fabric, which keeps you cool throughout a busy day

Golf has become an increasingly popular sport and attracts millions and millions from around the world. At Brand Innovation we love golf because it is an incredible form of exercise and burns hundreds and hundreds of calories over the course of 18 holes. Swap your vigorous gym workout, for 18 holes on the golf course with your grandpa, you will enjoy the exercise as well as the down time with your grandpa. Golf is great form of cardiovascular exercise and is enjoy by people of all ages.

If you haven’t taken up the sport, we highly encourage you to join a local golf club. Golf is a great way to make new friends and connect with people from different backgrounds.

Have you got weekend plans yet? Golf competitions on a Saturday morning are becoming a regular activity for most golf clubs in South Africa. Sign up for a four-ball and play with a group of strangers. You’ll end up having the time of your life, while mastering your golf skills.

We love following Gary Player for his wisdom, positive attitude and we enjoy keeping up-to-date with his golfing accomplishments. Brand Innovation supplies, brands and delivers branded Gary Player golf shirts. They are perfect for a long day on the golf course, a day in the office or if you want to relax at home.

Branding Options Available on Golf Shirts:

All our corporate golf shirts can be embroidered or branded with a company name, contact details and a company logo. Your golf shirts will look high-end and have a beautiful finish. It is highly recommended to brand golf shirts as they are great in creating brand recognition and brand awareness. View or corporate clothing catalogue and view all our corporate golf shirts.

5 Reasons why golf is such an amazing sport:

  1. Golf is a sport that is played by millions and millions across the world every day.
  2. Its a great form of exercise and helps one to get fit and healthy
  3.  It is a sport for everyone; elders still enjoy playing golf regularly
  4. It can be played throughout the year
  5. It is a great way to meet new people and form friendships with different people.

Do you have a golf tour coming up?

It is very common for a group of friends to do a golf tour and visit the top golf courses in the country. Why not order branded team golf shirts? Branded team golf shirts will ensure you look like a team and you will look smart and professional during your tour. Our golf shirts can be branded with a company name, contact details and a logo.

A branded golf shirt lasts for a very long time. You can still wear your golf shirt once the event has passed. The golf shirt will also serve as a reminder of the memories shared between you and your friends.

Contact Brand Innovation for all your corporate golf clothing.

Do you have a corporate golf day coming up?

Our top tips for hosting a successful corporate golf day:

A corporate golf day will take a lot of planning if you want a successful day. It is a good idea to start planning the golf day sooner than later. Think about where you would like to have your golf day, the preferred date for the golf day, the clients you will invite and so on.  When choosing a golf club, try choose a club with a pro golf shop. Clients will be excited about all the products on sale. It is also important to take all the finer details into account.How will you market your brand at your golf day?  Brand Innovation will be able to assist you with all your branded golf products. We can help you organize golf prizes, golf towels, team golf shirts, branded golf balls, branded gift bags and so much more! We will ensure your clients will be impressed by all your marketing products and they will appreciate the effort you made in organizing a great golf day.Have you thought about giving your clients branded gift bags? It is a good idea if you want to make a good first impression.

When you start planning and buying products for your branded gift bags, remember to include products that are related to golf. I recently organized a charity golf day and our clients loved the gift bags. I suggest including a branded golf shirt, branded card usb flash drive with your company details, meal vouchers, a personalized thank you card, a branded golf ball, a branded towel, some snacks to keep them going through the day and so on. It is a good idea to try and get some products sponsored. For example, approach restaurants for meal vouchers. I was able to organize a number of vouchers from Wakaberry, Marcels, Woolworths, Dulces and many more. Businesses are willing to give discount vouchers to corporates that are hosting special events because the vouchers will attract more people and the vouchers will lead to increased sales and awareness for  the business.

I have been to events and the gift bags are filled with flyers and coupons that I would never use. I immediately throw the gift bag away. I find that the flyers are unnecessary and don’t add value to my    life in           any way. You want your clients to get excited about the wonderful and useful items that they will find in their branded gift bags. You want your gift bags to be filled with items that your             clients will use. What would you like to receive in a gift bag? Make your gift bag unique. Always be prepared to go the extra mile to make a corporate golf day a success. You don’t want clients to throw your gift bags away. Golf competitions are often expensive, therefore I think it is important to give your clients products that they  will use over and over again.

It important to make sure your clients and business associates will be able to attend your corporate golf day. At the end of the day, you want to impress your clients and treat them to         a fun day. It is also important to invite potential clients to golf your golf day. They will appreciate the invite and will take an interest in your business. It is important to note that you       want your golf day to be remembered. You want all your clients to play in your next corporate golf day so it important you make an effort to make a good impression.

Make a good impression! Ensure you have a professional golfer from the pro golf shop to help your clients with products and golfing techniques. Your clients will appreciate the extra help and the golf professional will add a special touch to your corporate golf day.

Organize prizes! I found that approaching local businesses was a great strategy in securing prizes. I also arranged products that was related to golf and living a healthy lifestyle. Some examples of the prizes included a signed copy of The Real Meal Revolution by Dr. Tim Noakes, healthy snack parcels, meat parcels and a local designer designed a coat hanger made from a golf club. I loved that the prizes were creative and out of the box.

Have fun!  You also want your golf day to have a more relaxed feel. You want your clients to be relaxed and have fun throughout the day. It is a good idea to have a halfway house             and holes that are sponsored by a company that serves drinks to the players. A halfway house that serves food is essential to ensure that your clients refuel and are ready for the               next few holes. It is popular that drinks are served on the golf course, drinks make people feel more relaxed and helps players have more fun.

Remember to send thank you cards to your clients, potential clients, business associates and sponsors. It shows that you care and are thankful for their support.

Brand Innovation is a premier golf supplier  situated in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. We supply, brand and deliver door to door, throughout South Africa. Order today!

If you are based in Johannesburg, please visit https://promojozi.co.za/ for branded golf clothing and towels.

It is recommended that your company name, contact details and logo are visible on all your marketing material for optimum company visibility. Corporate golf days are perfect for brand recognition and brand awareness. A corporate golf day will allow you to interact with clients in an informal environment and allows you to relax and have fun. Plan your corporate golf day with Brand Innovation. Contact us now and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in ordering branded materials for your golf day.


5 Corporate Golf Clothing and Equipment Ideas:

  1. Branded golf shirts with pockets. A golf shirt with pockets are perfect to store your pegs, gloves and score card.
  2. Branded golf balls are a must-have. Every time you play with the ball, you will be reminded about the company, its products and/or services
  3. Golf Peaks are essential to protect your face from the rising temperatures. Brand golf peaks will your company logo for a beautiful finish. Peaks and caps are used over and over again.
  4. Branded body warmers are ideal for those cold mornings. Body warmers don’t restrict your golf swing at all. Order branded body warmers through Brand Innovation today.
  5. Branded suntan lotion is essential for a day on the golf course. Branded suntan lotion is a great invest because it is used every day. Make sure your clients are protected from the sun during your corporate golf day.

Why we think golf shirts are perfect as a corporate uniform:

Branded golf shirts are  very versatile clothing items that can be worn with any outfit. Golf shirts are ideal as formal or casual wear during summer or winter. This is why golf shirts are very popular as corporate clothing and you often see someone wearing one with a branded logo.

We have a wide variety of different golf shirt styles and colour options available to choose from. Get the perfect golf shirt to suit your corporate brand.

We stock prestigious and well known brands such as Slazenger, Cutter & Buck, Gary Player, Adidas and more.

Contact Brand Innovation to order corporate golf shirts today.

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